Iboga & The Energy of Presence


Zeerak Khan & Barry Rossinoff

A Penetrating Psycho-Spiritual Retreat Bringing Together the Potency of Meditation, Plant Medicine, and Focused Inquiry

November 17th-22nd, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico

We’re delighted to invite you to this Extraordinary, Transformative adventure.

You will be among the individuals participating in this First Epic Psycho-Spiritual retreat of its kind, held in the magical valley of Tepoztlán, Mexico, November 17th-22nd.

What this retreat is…

  • This deep dive retreat is an immersion into Presence, Openness, Unconditional Love and Radical Acceptance.
  • It is an initial group exploration into the nature of mind as enhanced by Iboga, the sacred power plant medicine considered the most grounding of psychoactive plants.
  • Through Iboga Plant Medicine ceremonies, Meditation, Self-inquiry, Emotional Body Awareness, Conscious Breathwork, Qigong, and Yoga you will be encouraged to leave no stones unturned. To bring in to the light all that stands in the way of awakening to your One True, Boundless Nature as Love. To Experience the joy of being fully Alive, Open Hearted and Awake human being.

Imagine combining the potent benefits of plant medicine AND spiritual practice. If the intersection of these two excites you and you’re ready for real transformation then this retreat is for you!

Too often, painful repercussions from trauma, addictive behaviors, self-deficient stories and other life experiences sabotage our inner lives. And even after years of consistent meditation, yogic practices, or traditional therapy, true peace and harmony can still be elusive.

While spiritual retreats alone provide unique opportunities to stabilize or intensify one’s inner journey and set the stage for breakthroughs, more may be needed.

If you find yourself at such an impasse or feel the evolutionary impulse to deepen your spiritual quest, you’ve come to the right place!

More and more people from all demographics are discovering plant medicines as a source of insights, awakening and inspiration.

Over the past few decades, a powerful teacher plant medicine known as Iboga has found its way into the psycho-spiritual arena with promising results.

Derived from a root found mainly in African rainforests and used ceremonially for centuries by the Bwiti people of Gabon, Africa, this powerful entheogen has been applied as a profound catalyst for inner change.

While it has proven particularly effective in the realm of addictions, Iboga’s value clearly extends into the area of promoting deeper insights into any destructive or self-defeating patterns that may be affecting our lives. Some may experience freedom from past attachments and limiting beliefs clearing the way to knowing their True, Authentic nature.

With this in mind, we are inviting you to share a week-long, life-changing journey with us.

Take this opportunity to dive into spiritual self-inquiry, silent meditation, and deep conscious breathing. You will also be guided into the process of awakening and the journey from the thinking mind into the center of your heart, enhanced by this powerful plant medicine.

Experience these paradigm shifting, life changing benefits:

  • Present moment awareness
  • Abiding as Presence
  • True Joy and Fulfillment
  • Caring, compassionate and Loving relationships
  • Deeper intimacy with yourself, life and others
  • Going beyond egoic mind
  • Awakening to your true nature as Peace, Love, and Wholeness
  • Living from an Open Heart
  • Total Acceptance and Relaxation into What Is
  • Freedom from Limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
  • Harnessing emotions as a resource to heal and transform past trauma
  • Tensionless Mind, Heart and Body
  • Breakthroughs in generosity, discipline, and insight
  • Becoming more Authentic, fearless and an awake, embodied human being
  • Gaining a greater appreciation of what drives your spiritual practice and your life

~ Featuring Seasoned Facilitators ~

Zeerak Khan

Zeerak Khan is a Spiritual Mentor, Integrative Plant Medicine Guide and a member of Iboga Quest team. She is also a founder of Life Energy Process, an innovative method for healing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.

Her fresh approach combines foundational Nondual Teachings, Focused Self-Inquiry, Emotional body Awareness and Conscious Breathing, as a part of one creative life force process, always pointing the individuals back to the fundamental nature of being.

Her teachings are based on 25 years of studies in ancient and modern wisdom traditions. She integrates the richness of her knowledge effortlessly within the framework of our frenetic—often stressful—modern lifestyle, emphasizing simplicity in practice. The result is a direct experience of how to have life expressed through YOU with Clarity and Awareness.

Her experiential workshops and talks teach people to live from a wise-open heart and fearlessly engage in life with Presence, bodily aliveness, Passion and Joy. In both her workshops and Private sessions with individuals and couples, Zeerak has been a grateful witness to the transformation of countless students over the years.

Barry Rossinoff

Barry became acquainted with Iboga through his personal friendship with Howard Lotsof (credited with discovery of the addiction interruption qualities of Ibogaine) from the late 1970’s. He first directly experienced this medicine in 2000.

Upon moving to Mexico in 2004 he began provider training and study while attending the Iboga process with several personal friends over a period of a year. Prompted by unsolicited calls and referrals he established Iboga Quest in 2009 and has since treated 600+ guest-patients covering the spectrum of conditions.

~ Our Amazing Team ~

Kristie Jacobsen

Retreat Coordinator

Kristie has several years of experience organizing talks, workshops and retreats for facilitators from South America, Europe, US and Mexico.

She is a student of Gestalt therapy, Iboga Quest team member, lover of plant medicines, healing arts and nature. She also has a deep affinity for connecting with horses and their magical presence.

She is dedicated to a life of service and compassion. Her special offering to the world is her therapeutic healing touch.

Felipe Olbes

Retreat Support

Felipe has experience with addiction treatments and has gone through a process of understanding his own fear, ignorance and evasion of consciousness. He has participated in group therapy workshops focused on drug addiction and generating new habits and creating consciousness around drug usage.

He has been involved in many different entheogenic ceremonies including those of Iboga.

He is a member of Iboga Quest, a lover of nature, sports and a loving father. He is dedicated to service and to sharing his own personal experience.

Marco Pepino

Taoist martial Arts
& Yoga Teacher

Sifu Marco holds 23 years of study and practice in dynamic energy practices of Taoist martial arts and Yoga.

He creates a personalized experience specific to each student’s individual needs for healing. May it be energetic blockages, negative patterns or Spiritual counseling. He incorporates variety of systems which include; Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Bagua Zhang.

As Marco would tell you, it’s about becoming your own master and coming into perfect balance with your body and health by moving beyond the limitations of the ego-mind.

Matthew Gregory

Retreat Support

Matthew has had a long career in the world of tech sharing his gifts as a web developer and digital marketer. Today he travels the world as a digital nomad, following the credo “Have WiFi, will travel”.

He’s also been on a path of self discovery guided by the teachings of nonduality. Combined with his exploration of psychoactives, he has first hand experience of how plant medicines can act as potent tools to pierce the veil and awaken one to the source of who they truly are.

~ Accommodations ~

Werika Center

You will be staying at beautiful Werika Center located in Tepoztlán, Mexico. The center is home to Iboga Quest as well as countless workshops and retreats throughout the year.

Werika was created as a space to facilitate inner-growth and the development of consciousness. It is a place to explore, learn, and go deeper into yourself through a variety of spiritual gatherings, arts and traditions.


We offer double occupancy rooms or a multi-occupancy dorm room with four beds and four showers.

There is a discount for the multi-occupancy dorm room on a first come, first served basis.

Food & Meals

“Let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food”

We recognize the importance of healthy, vibrantly alive body. You will be nourished with delicious, simple, nutritious foods which are in alignment with Plant medicine and other Spiritual practices offered in this retreat.

Vegetarian options available.

~ Event Details ~

Event Fee
Room & Board included.
$2,000 per person, Double occupancy room
$1,850 per person, Dorm room multi-occupancy room

A $500 deposit is required. The remaining balance is to be paid in person and in cash.

You may pay with credit card or paypal through our website.

Deposits are refundable up until October 25th.

Please pay your deposit here »

Werika Center, Tepoztlán, Mexico

Cuemecatitla #52
Fraccionamiento Las Mariposas
Santiago Tepetlapa
Municipio de Tepoztlan Morelos
CP 062520

View Map »

The 6 day (5 full days) journey spans November 17th-22nd, 2018.

Attendees are required to arrive on the premises by 1:00PM on Saturday the 17th. Registration starts at 1:00PM. There is an early dinner between 3:30PM-4:00PM. And we will have an introduction at 5:30PM.

The retreat concludes on Thursday the 22nd at approximately 3:00PM. There is a Thanksgiving Feast at 5:00PM.

Checkout time is on Friday the 23rd by 11:00AM.

This is a fully residential retreat – accommodation and meals included. All attendees are required to stay at Werika center for the full 5 days, as this creates an energetic container for diving deeper into the content of the retreat.

Food & Meals
Vegetarian options available. Please inform us in the application of your preferences, and if you have any food allergies we should be aware of.

An EKG (Electrocardiogram) is required to attend the retreat. This can be obtained from any primary care physician.

Maximum capacity is 20 people and is on a first come, first served basis.

Transportation from Mexico City
Transportation can be arranged upon request.

Another option for transportation to the retreat center is by taxi, which can be secured at the Mexico City Airport upon arrival. Approximate cost is $150USD ($3000MXN) round trip.

Please send your travel itinerary as soon as your flight is booked so we suggest the best option.

More details will be sent after the application is submitted and deposit is paid.

We look forward to embarking on an epic journey together!

For further details and information on how to register please contact us:


+52 1 777 126 4501 ~ Kristie, Retreat Coordinator


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